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Maintaining your split system air conditioning in Gold Coast

A split air conditioner has an essential role in ensuring that your home stays at the right temperature during the hot weather. In fact split air conditioners have now become a common sight not only in household but offices as well. Prolong usage of split air conditioners without any maintenance could lead to the poor working of the appliance and in the long term lead to expensive repairs.

The proper maintenance of your cooling system is essential if you want to ensure of free flowing air which also helps improve the lifespan of the unit.


Simple tips for maintaining the split air conditioning

Split air conditioners, when in continuous use collect moisture and water. Before you start with the cleaning process it is necessary to ensure that you dry it completely. For this the unit  needs to be set on the fan mode and run it for at least 30 to 40 minutes in order for all the moisture in the coil to evaporate. The next step is to disconnect the unit from the power source as a result you can easily clean the flier without having so worry about and electrical current jolt.

The next step is to cover the unit with the help of a cleaning bag. When the unit has been disconnected from the power source you need to put a large garbage bag want to the indoor unit of the AC so that it would catch all the falling dirt and the drippings.

Make sure that you are able to locate the latches or the tabs which hold the front panel in the indoor unit. Lift the panel upwards and carefully access the inside of the unit. Sometimes a panel would not come out so you would need to hold it with one hand while you are cleaning the interior.

Take out the rectangular pieces of filters which are fasted on the unit. Make sure that you clean the filters and get rid of all the dirt and debris trapped inside it by washing it carefully. It is essential to clean the filters on a monthly basis if you want to ensure a steady air flow for your air conditioning unit. If your air conditioner comprises of bacteria filters you might need to remove those as well and clean them in a similar way that you clean the air filters. It is essential that all the filters are completely air dried before they are fixed back again into the system you can make use of a cleaner which would also help eliminate the unpleasant odours coming from the AC. Also clean the cooling fans which look like a set of metallic lines which are attached into the AC and are visible once you have removed the air filter so that it can collect all the dust.

Once you have efficiently cleaned all of the above mention parts of the split air conditioning system you are your cooling unit would be working efficiently for the next month or so.

It would be best if you enlist the help of an expert. Hinterland Air are air conditioning specialists that you can call for assistance in maintaining your air conditioning unit.